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Glass lens molding die (Binderless alloy)

Glass lens molding die (Binderless alloy)

Inventory checklist for R07

Thorough elimination of pores

Our original hot-press treatment method (patent pending) eliminates pores that cannot be eliminated by existing methods. All pores are completely eliminated regardless of the size of the die.

Hot Press

Hot Press


Hot Press

We offer various sizes and shapes of both blanks and machined blanks. Feel free to inquire.

* A product 110 mm in diameter is shown on the far side in this picture.

Different thermal expansion coefficients

By modifying the chemical composition, we produce binderless alloys having different thermal expansion coefficients. Therefore, we can optimize the clearances during molding by selecting suitable combinations of our binderless alloys. Since no metal compositions are added, our binderless alloys can be safely used for molding glass lenses.

Hot Press
Characteristic values of binderless alloy
Grade Hardness
Thermal expansion coefficient
(Room temperature〜600°C)
R07-B 94.8 4.8
R07    94.8 5.0
R07-C 94.8 5.9
R07-D 94.9 6.2